1975 Kicking Mule "HOW TO PLAY RAGTIME GUITAR" Tab Book

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1975 Kicking Mule "HOW TO PLAY RAGTIME GUITAR" Tab Book for tunes on the record (not included).... Contents include sections on the tablature system and tabs for songs... Bill Bailey, Blake's Breakdown, Brooklyn Rag, Franklin Blues, Georgia Camp Meeting, Little Boy, Little Boy Who Made Your Britches, Haag City Dance, A Salty Dog Rag, See That Girl Sitting On The Fence, Sister Kate's Syncopated Dance, Slippin' Til My Gal Comes In, St. Louis Tickle, Strutting Rag, Ton O' Blues, Twelve Sticks as well as notes about Ton Van Bergeyk, Stefan Grossman, Blink Blake and Gary Davis... This is my own good used (original) copy that I learned with...
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