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updated 8/12/2023

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primo banjo pots for those who believe that the very best sounding banjos might just be those that have already been made. Why settle for "sounds as good as" when you can have the mystical pre-war sound from a genuine pre-war banjo pot? Life is short. Work Hard, Do Your Best, Keep Your Word, Never Get Too Big For Your Britches, Trust In God and Never Forget a Friend.

Always seeking old banjos, guitars, guitar parts, etc. Been known to trade primo banjo pots for leads resulting in the purchase of high quality vintage guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukes, etc..Top Prices Paid for clean original stuff.

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Original Vega Two Point Shoe - limited supply of hard to find (i.e. expensive) original nickel plated brass "2 point" shoes original to all Vega bracket band models (whyte laydie, tubaphone) as well as many electric models. Available with either the special small brass screw for use with bracket band banjos OR the longer thru-rim screw for Electric models. $12.99 each. More Photos
Bacon Banjo Catalog- fine reprint of the orig 12 pg catalog from the Forest Dale, Vermont days. Features 5 string "Professional" and "Grand Concert" (internal resonator) models as well as accessories ("No Knot", Kerschner tpc) etc. Truly a "must have" reprint $5.50 (add $2.00 postage) More Photos

"Ungerphone" using Primo 10 3/4" Tubaphone Pot

I recently took a hit on a banjo purchased from Bill's Music in Maryland. (Ebay user ID: billsmusic) The photos , strategically provided to keep undisclosed damage hidden, did not show obvious, extensive damage to the interior of the banjo. Contacted the seller who claimed all sales were "final with no returns". Not the kind of folks I want to do business with again.

  • "Steve It arrived and it's gorgeous.!!!!Thank you so much - Alan "

  • "Just a note to let you know that the 1960 Kay Banjo pot with resonator & hardware has arrived safely in today's mail delivery... I'm very pleased with this purchase, and do look forward to doing business with you again sometime. I Thank You Very Much for this Good Bargain! Respectfully -William- "

  • "Hello Steve, just letting you know the Whyte Laydie arrived down under and was as good as I had hoped.She will soon be reborn and working as an old timey string band banjo. Thank you for your prompt and friendly response to my enquiries, prompt shipping, and a fair price for a good product. Please feel free to use this endorsement. Kind reguards- Steve (Australia) "

  • "G'Day Steve, Kay pot arrived safely today (thursday) very nice!,thanks for your excellent service Steve it's been a pleasure.I'm sure you'll here from me again. Regards - Rod" (Australia)

    Always willing to consider interesting trades involving vintage (and some used) banjos, guitars, mandolins as well as guitar magazine backissues (Guitar For The Practicing Musician, Guitar World, Guitar Player, etc..and also interested in neat old guitar picks. For payment info, please email. Email

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