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Offering for your consideration this 1926 GIBSON CATALOG P..."Gibson Mandolins Guitars & Ukuleles". 40 pages including covers. Features construction details regarding "the principle of Stradivarius Arching and Graduation Applied to Fretted Instruments". Shows truss-rod mandolins F-5,F-4, F-2, A-4, A-2, A, A-O, Master Mandola H-5, H-4, H-1, Master Mando-Cello K-5, K-4, K-1, Master Guitar L-5, Mando-Bass, Harp-Guitar, Guitars...L-4, L-3, L-1, L-O, Ukuleles..Uke-3, Uke-2, Uke-1, and banjo ukes. Also has loads of photos of endorsers and mandolin orchestras.