RARE original 1972 FENDER ELECTRIC INSTRUMENTS/AMPLIFIERS/KEYBOARD/ACCESSORIES catalog is the rare full color 65-page 8 1/2" x 11" format catalog that shows the complete Fender line of musical instruments and accessories available at this ime. It is printed on very high quality stock and there are beautiful photos of the instruments as well as complete descriptions and specifications.
SWEET DREAMS!! the vintage Fender stuff in this catalog just might cause excitement!:
Telecaster Deluxe, Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Stratocaster, Telecaster Thinline, Telecaster Custom, Telecaster, Mustang, Bronco, Bronco Set, Musicmaster, Hand Carved LTD, Montego I & II, Electric Mandolin, Electric Violin, Jazz Bass, Telecaster Bass, Precision Bass, Mustang Bass, Musicmanster Bass, Bass VI, PS210 Pedal Steel Guitar, Pedal 2000 and 800, 1000 and 400, Stringmaster Steel Guitars, Dual Six, Deluxe 6 and 8, Champ and Studio Deluxe Steel Guitars, Steel Guitar Sets, Dual Showman Reverb, Quad Reverb, Super Six Reverb, Vibrosonic reverb, Twin Reverb, Bandmaster, Super Reverb, Pro Reverb, Vibrolux Reverb Deluxe Reverb, Princeton Reverb, Champ and Vibro Champ, Bronco, Bassman 100, 50, Ten amps, Electric Piano Mark I Stage Piano, Piano Bass, accessories, etc...some of the best color photographs in this one.... .......
..Photos show paper catalog (SOLD).
complete PDF available