1968 GUILD Guitars catalog

RARE complete ORIGINAL 9" x 12" guitar catalog shows and describes the complete line of acoustic and electric guitars offered by the Hoboken, NJ Guild Guitars at this time. This rare black and white catalog has loads of information , photos and descriptions of: Guild Starfires, Stuart, DE-500, Manhattan X-175, Capri CE-100D, Slim Jim T-100D, Cordoba, Thunderbird S-200, Polara S-100, Jet-Star S-50, Jet-Star Bass, M-75 Bluesbird, M-85-II Bass, Bluegrass 35 flattop, George Barnes Acousti-Lectric models, Acoustic Archtops.... Artist Award, Stuart A-500, Stratford A-350, Savoy A-150, Capri CA-100, Cordoba A-50, Acoustics...Bluegrass F-47, Jubilee D-40, D-50, Navarre F-50, F-50R, Aragon F-30, Troubadour F-20, 12 string F-212 and F-312, Mark series classic guitars and the Guild Copycat and Echorec delay effects!! Also includes the 1968 price list as well....
..Photos show paper catalog (SOLD).

Clear complete
PDF available

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